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  • Title: Fake Famous
  • Release year: 2021
  • Movie genres: Documentary
  • Director: Nick Bilton
  • Actors: Christopher Bailey, Justine Bateman, Shannon Dee, Dominique Druckman, Liz Eswein, Sarah Frier, Wylie Heiner, Hana Hussein, Taylor Lorenz, Jack Reed, Nick Bilton
  • Movie length: 90 min.

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Just my conclusion. This film is just a nice for one time watch. It could have been a good movie but they ruined it with that stupid sound track.

Don't waste time watching this action, Fake Famous because it is the worst of films of Documentary genre. Fake Famous is produced in 2021 year and it did not made a lot of money or got high ratings because the level of the action is much lower than average. Even not bad acting of Sarah Frier does not make it better. But, of course, if you have not got any idea about what to do and looking forward not to think about something serious then you could spend 90 minutes of your life on Fake Famous.

Generally speaking this is a decent film for fans of Documentary pictures. It starts really fast, does slow up a bit in middle. Action is nice although I really hated a couple moments redundant use of fixed shots that was a reason why I docked another rating star but after all it was entertaining. Fake Famous I loved a lot and find it to be simple to follow.

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If you are mad about Documentary movies with much of good action then Fake Famous is the best movie for you.

Fake Famous is a quite average flick and that is why it gets average rating from us and from people who spent time with it. This is a movie in Documentary genre with average acting of famous actors like Dominique Druckman, Christopher Bailey. You could find some interesting ideas that are covered in it but there are a lot moments of the movie are not done well at all. So, if you have got some free time and look forward to watch Fake Famous from 2021 with duration 90 minutes then you are able to do it.

If you have free 90 minutes of life and don't know how to spend them then you could watch Fake Famous that is uninteresting movie in Documentary genre of year 2021. Maybe there are some moments of the movie that would even be quite interesting for you but the movie with not nice acting of Dominique Druckman, Christopher Bailey is not cool, if you want us to tell the truth. So, if you wish, you could check it up but IMHO, there are more interesting stuff to do in free time of yours.

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